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Founded by Doug and Jimmy Edwards in 2007, their new grounding developed from being previous owners and operators of the scrap metal recycling company, S.B.Wheelers. Leaving Wheelers behind, Doug and Jimmy made new waves, using their experience and expertise they decided to create a new company with new opportunities.

They established their business on a site near to the A12, enabling better access and room for growth. Following their development and highest standard of service they expanded into Cambridge in 2008 and have a network of vehicles to enable the nationwide service that continues to expand into the future


Clarke Demolition Co. Ltd

It is now ten years since we have been using your services and I would like to congratulate you on the level of service and commitment provided thus far. 

You have always been very quick to react and service our needs quickly and efficiently.

Even more importantly, you have always paid extremely competitive for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Congratulations on the first ten years and we look forward to another decade working with your good selves.

NMR have made it very easy to build and maintain a successful partnership with Biffa IRM and have delivered an outstanding service now for many years. We recognise and thank the team at NMRnot just for doing their job well but for the times when they have gone beyond the call of duty and have stepped in to help, providing support to cover emergency work and dealing professionally with major clear-outs from our customer base.

Mizkan Euro Ltd, Suffolk

NMR are quite flexible and approachable, adapting to customers’ requirements and offering good solutions to minimise customers efforts. They are also quite well organised on documentation, always having correct waste transfer notes in place. Quick response for waste collections and skips deliveries, always offering high rebates on mixed metal and stainless steel.





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